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This is a place for people like you—people who are waking up to the deeper meaning of this pivotal time in human history, and who want to take positive action for the benefit of future generations.

This website is based on the work of Elizabeth Rabia Roberts, spiritual teacher and international citizen activist.

For the past 50 years Rabia has been deeply engaged in the three great movements of our time: social justice, peace, and environmental action. Rabia has lived and worked in places as diverse as Iraq, Syria, Burma, Thailand, Jordan, Iran, Israel, Palestine, Brazil and Afghanistan. Her unique experience has yielded a rich harvest of insights relevant to the challenges facing us.

Here you will find teachings, trainings, videos, books, people and projects connected to her ongoing work.

Rabia and her colleagues today are taking a leadership role in bringing the New Story to contemporary leaders in education, community development, and spiritual traditions. Through Rabia’s mentoring and training programs, you can learn from and participate in this critical work of social transformation.

Current Teachings:

Revolutionary Change
A new and powerful force—an alternative vision of the meaning of human life—is gaining strength around the world... Continue reading->

The Great Transformation and The New Story
History shows that when people stop believing the stories that justify the social order, it begins to change... Continue reading->

The Feminine Principle
We are witnessing the endgame of a patriarchal value system that has held sway for more than 5,000 years... Continue reading->

Effecting Change through Bearing Witness
We know that healthy, sustainable change rarely, if ever, comes from the top down... Continue reading->

In early 2018: HerStory seminars for women will resume, and a special HerStory seminar for men will take place. Please check back here for topics, dates, and location!

Click below to watch videos of past HerStory seminars:


Click here to listen to Rabia’s recent interview with Susan Coleman, host of The Peacebuilding Podcast:
"Bridging the Divide"

Click here to read and download "Navigating the Time of Trump"


Click here to read and download "Rabia's 50 Year Legacy"

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“These 50 years have given me a unique perspective — grounded both in feminine insight and in global experience with social change. I join my voice with the great cadre of elder women in our time who speak out for resilience, compassion, and courage. When my grandson grows up and wants to know what I was doing as our environment and culture deteriorated around us, I want to be able to say, ‘Everything I could.’ This commitment to tomorrow’s children keeps me alive and filled with passion to continue my life’s work.”

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