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Ask RabiaIf you have a question on the global transformation, the spiritual and scientific basis of the New Story, the feminine principle, or women’s work for change, please type it in the box below. I will offer my thoughts as frequently as I can. I may also invite others to address your questions. Please remember: no one person can know what will make a healthier world.

These answers here are just one point of view. Ask others, start conversations, and trust yourself as well.


November 8, 2012
Q: Given the new spiritual and scientific insights, how shall we live and work for a sustainable healthy world?

A: One thing I have learned over these decades is that answers and solutions are more likely to come when I am working with other people. And, while working, I focus on common intentions and vision rather than goals. I understand that I am part of a process whose way is unknown to me. No one can see the whole. I trust that I am part of a process that I cannot control or define. But I can affect it (i.e. through perturbations, behaviors, interrelations, etc).

I do not understand everything. Our place in the universe is one of radical uncertainty and unknowing. This life requires radical trust. I tend to distrust any one who says they have the answer. Because there is no one ideal answer, I am wary of all forms of fundamentalism. As part of this process, I do not back down– it is necessary to speak the truth of my own experience. This is one way I influence the system I am part of.